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Control Seminars 

Fridays 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Room 1500 EECS Building

September 13Ilya Kolmanovsky, University of Michigan, “Constrained Control: Contributions by Professor Elmer Gilbert and Recent Developments”, abstract here.
September 20**CANCELED** Suman Chakravorty, Texas A & M University, “A Decoupling Principle in Stochastic Optimal Control and Its Implications”, abstract here.
September 27Mrdjan Jankovic, Ford Motor Company, “Collision Free Navigation with Interacting, Non-Communicating Obstacles”, abstract here.
October 4Suman Chakravorty, Texas A & M University, “A Decoupling Principle in Stochastic Optimal Control and Its Implications”, abstract, abstract here.
October 11Aranya Chakrabortty, North Carolina State University, “Fast Online Reinforcement Learning Control using State-Space Dimensionality Reduction”, abstract here.
October 18Sam Burden, University of Washington, “Toward Telelocomotion: Human Sensorimotor Control of Contact-Rich Robot Dynamics”, abstract here.
October 25Reza Amini, University of Michigan, “Eco-Mobility: Leveraging Connected and Automated Driving Technologies to Improve Energy Efficiency of the Vehicular and Transportation Systems”, abstract here.
November 1Panos Antsaklis, University of Notre Dame, “Passivity Based CPS Design for Autonomy”, abstract here.
November 8Firas Khasawneh, Michigan State University, “Utilizing Persistent Homology for Studying Time Series of Dynamical Systems”, abstract here.
November 15Kayvan Najarian, University of Michigan, “Applications of Data Sciences for Clinical Decision Support Systems: Challenges and Opportunities”, abstract here.
November 22Dennis Bernstein, University of Michigan, “Why Control Technology Is Powerful, Dangerous, and Arguably Anti-Scientific” abstract here.
December 6James Freudenberg, University of Michigan, “Human-Computer Interaction in the Michigan Embedded Control Lab”, abstract here.

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