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Control research at Michigan has a strong foundation in theory and is distinguished by a broad and diverse range of applications. A common theme running through all the control theory and applications developed by Michigan researchers is the use of feedback to cope with uncertainty. Today is the most exciting time ever to work in the control field, with new technologies enabling control algorithms to be implemented in almost every engineered system, and the needs of society for a safer and cleaner environment mandating that these control algorithms are needed. To meet these challenges, areas of control expertise at Michigan include linear and nonlinear dynamics and control, adaptive control, hybrid systems, game theory, stochastic control, optimization-based control, networks, system identification, cyber-physical systems, algorithmic aspects of control design, autonomous vehicles, powertrain control, vehicle dynamics, flight dynamics and control, bio-inspired control, decentralized decision making, multi-agent systems, power and energy, manufacturing, transportation.

The control systems activity at Michigan is very interdisciplinary and moves easily across traditional departmental boundaries. We have many cross-listed courses and joint research projects with faculty throughout the College of Engineering and other units on campus. We have a very active seminar series attracting researchers from industry and academia, and providing a platform for all control faculty and students to come together weekly.

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