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Control Seminars 

Fridays 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Room 1500 EECS Building

September 14Huei Peng, University of Michigan, “How Control Theories Were Used to Improve Energy and Safety of Automotive Systems”. Abstract here.
September 21Scott Moura, University of California at Berkeley, **New Title**”Control of Automated Vehicles and Batteries“. Abstract here.
September 28Mohamed Ali (M.A.) Belabbas, “A Homotopy Method for Motion Planning With Application to Wheeled Vehicles”. University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Abstract here.
October 5Stéphane Lafortune, University of Michigan, “Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems: A Retrospective and Two Recent Results on Privacy and Security”. Abstract here.
October 12Kenn Oldham, University of Michigan, “Peripheral vascular resistance and cardiovascular autoregulation monitoring using a wearable piezoelectric sensor assembly”. Abstract here.
October 19Ketan Savla, University of Southern California, “Physical Flow over Networks: Analysis, Control and Computation”. Abstract here.
October 26Andrew Lamperski, University of Minnesota, “Optimal Control And Estimation with Noisy Time and Communicative Actions”. Abstract here.
November 2Brent Gillespie, University of Michigan, “Wearable Robots to Induce Recovery of Motor Function after Neurological Injury”. Abstract here.
November 9Enrique Mallada, Johns Hopkins University, “Inverter-based Control for Low Inertia Power Systems: Scale-free Analysis, Performance Trade-offs, and Controller Design”. Abstract here.
November 16Vijay Subramanian, University of Michigan, “One if by Land and Two if by Sea: A Glimpse into the Value of Information in Strategic Interactions”. Abstract here.
November 30Mark Spong, University of Texas at Dallas, “The Centrality of Control Theory in Robotics”. Abstract here.
December 7Jorge Cortes, University of California at San Diego, “The Role of Network Structure in Controlling Complex Networks”. Abstract here.

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